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Unleash AI Power in One Box

  • Model: 4-CH, 8-CH, 16-CH, 32-CH

  • High-efficiency AI Computing for Existing Systems

  • More than 20 AI Applications

  • 99% High Accuracy Rate

Security Camera

Turn your camera into smart camera

ANS AI Box is an edge AI computing product that empowers your system with unparalleled AI video analytics capabilities. Seamlessly integrating with local cameras using a dedicated mobile/web app, AI BOX provides a standalone solution to access more than 20 pre-built video analysis functions and system alerts and effortlessly transfers analyzed results to third-party VMS or through HTTP.

Facial Recognition

ANS AI Box accurately identifies people and facial attributes such as gender, emotion, head pose, and so on. Using advanced algorithms, it could achieve face matching, human identification, attribute search, and other applications.

Face Recognition

Facial recognition & Facial attributes

Face blur

Facial blur

People Counting

Entrance & Exit People Counting

Crowd detection

Regional People Counting

People counting

The AI Box can use video analytics to detect overcrowding in designated areas and trigger alerts while counting people entering and exiting specific zones. This feature can improve safety by preventing overcrowding and enhance operations by optimizing staffing and understanding customer flow

Fall Detection

The Fall Detection feature of the AI Box is designed to help prevent serious injuries from falls. Whether there is a patient, an elderly family member living alone or a child who loves to climb, this feature can provide peace of mind and be notified if a fall occurs.

PPE Compliance

The AI Box can connect to your security cameras, analyze the video feed, and trigger alerts if it spots someone missing a helmet, vest, or other required equipment. This can significantly improve workplace safety by automatically identifying and addressing PPE violations.

Animal Detection

The AI Box's animal detection feature can identify creatures entering a designated area, and flags any animals that don't belong. This can be a great way to monitor for unexpected wildlife encounters, helping you protect your property and potentially even the animal itself

Traffic Violation Detection

Vehicle classifcation

Vehicle Detection

Violation detection and license plate recognition

Vehicle Detection

AI Box transforms your security cameras to automatically detect and classify vehicles, read license plates, and trigger alerts for illegal parking like no-stopping zones, expired meters, or blocking fire lanes. This streamlines enforcement, saving you time and keeping your street running smoothly.

Object Managment

AI Box analyzes camera feeds to learn the usual layout of an area and uses object recognition to spot trouble. The AI Box can alert you if crucial fixed objects like fire extinguishers go missing, and it can also identify unauthorized objects left in specific areas, keeping your environment secure and organized.


Real-time Perimeter & Behavior Alerts

Transform System with AI Box

  • With the AI Box and cameras connected to the same network, users can utilize the AI Box app to select video channels and configure AI applications. The AI Box automatically analyzes the selected channels and transmits events, triggering alarms back to users through phone calls (VoIP), text messages, emails, or dedicated alert systems.

  • This seamless integration enables users to manage event settings, alarm triggers, alarm management, and further investigations within the ANS AI Box.

  • Regarding AI Box compatibility, the alarm data, including event snapshots and analyzed results, can be transferred to third-party platforms via HTTP or exported to PDF or Excel for reporting purposes.

AI Applications List

Facial Recognition
  • Check-in, check-out, detect known, unknown faces, blur face mode

Face covering

Detect if a person's face is unclear, covered

Crowd Detection

Crowd management

People Entrance Counting

Count number of people entering a zone

People Enter-Exit Counting

Count the number of people enter and exit an area

PPE Compliance

Validate personal protective equipment


Detect animal entering the area

Object Management

Identify missing objects, unauthorized objects in the area

Vehicle counting

Classify different types of vehicles and counting

License Plate Recognition

Detect all license plate or specific license plate

Illegal Parking

Monitor and detect illegal parking or parking beyond prescribed hours and read ALPR


Detect person entering the zone


Detect person crossing the line

People Wander

Detect if a person wandering around the area for a specific duration


Detect person climbing wall, fence, etc

Hold Weapons

Detect person holding weapon (knife, gun, etc)

Fire & Smoke

Detect fire & smoke


Detect people falling or lying on the floor


Detect people smoking in unauthorized areas

Using phone

Detect people using the phone in unauthorized areas

Run, Jump

Detect people running or jumping in unauthorized areas


Detect people behavior like fighting and pushing

Object lost

Detect objects lost from its location

Abandoned Object

Detect object left alone in an area for a specific time


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