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Glass Bottle Production


Drive manufacturing safety, efficiency and profitability

Manufacturers can leverage existing cameras to quickly identify and interpret objects in the physical world to improve productivity, supply chain resilience, and workplace safety across manufacturing processes with real-time data tailored for specific needs.  

Product monitoring

Automate abnormal detection such as product defects, line stopping, packaging, and labeling problems to minimize delays by catching issues as they arise. Get immediate alerts to avoid slowdowns and increase ROI.

Safety Compliance

Easily monitor hazardous areas, track personal protective equipment compliance, and better manage machine usage in real time. Get immediate alerts about safety issues so you can address them before or as they occur.

Manufacturing computer vision use cases

Additional Values


Reduce risk and meet industry compliance by keeping the system and data in-house, not shipping to external vendors.


Employing the power of GPUs and Edge devices provide the possibility to squeeze maximum performance and efficiency


Save time and costs by removing the hurdle of AI knowledge, allowing high-quality AI development models via rapid, guided steps


Advanced AI workflow for continuous implementation and updates without downtime

LabVIEW Integration

Simplify AI development and integration to LabVIEW for engineers



Computer Vision Platform for
Practical AI Solutions


  • Advanced video analytics solution built for real-time awareness and actionable decision-making

  • Customize effortlessly to your needs, from simple to complex monitoring scenarios.

  • Powerful features make AI deployment to any hardware simple

  • Easily integrate with third-party applications to automate a wide variety of operational tasks.

ansvis system

Are you ready to dive in?

Label data seamlessly, train models efficiently, improve performance iteratively, and deploy applications rapidly—all with ANSCENTER.

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