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Holding Hands


Create a better, safer, more efficient environment for patients, staff and visitors

Use video analytics to monitor patients, respond to falls and hazards, and analyze facility usage and staff demand. Review post-incident footage to enhance security and practices for patient and staff safety. Integrate video-generated insights to streamline operations and enhance patient care.

Patient Safety

Monitor patients to ensure they're safe, detecting falls or other accidents. Ensure medical and operational staff adhere to protocols that impact patient health - such as hand washing, facemasks and other cleaning standards.

Hospital Operations

Monitor the flow of people and materials throughout a hospital, helping to optimize operations, reduce wait times, and improve patient satisfaction.

Security Monitoring

Trigger real-time response to security threats, emergencies, and suspicious or aggressive behavior. Maintain access control over restricted areas.  Get immediate alerts 24/7 to improve safety.

Hospital computer vision use cases

Additional Values


Reduce risk and meet industry compliance by keeping the system and data in-house, not shipping to external vendors.


Employing the power of GPUs and Edge devices provide the possibility to squeeze maximum performance and efficiency


Save time and costs by removing the hurdle of AI knowledge, allowing high-quality AI development models via rapid, guided steps


Advanced AI workflow for continuous implementation and updates without downtime



Computer Vision Platform for
Practical AI Solutions


  • Advanced video analytics solution built for real-time awareness and actionable decision-making

  • Customize effortlessly to your needs, from simple to complex monitoring scenarios.

  • Powerful features make AI deployment to any hardware simple

  • Easily integrate with third-party applications to automate a wide variety of operational tasks.

ansvis system

Are you ready to dive in?

Label data seamlessly, train models efficiently, improve performance iteratively, and deploy applications rapidly—all with ANSCENTER.

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