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GLA Summit 2021: Deep Learning Object Detection in LabVIEW Applications

Times: 11:00AM-12:00PM IST, 16 November 2021

Location: Online

Topic: Deep Learning Object Detection in LabVIEW Applications

ANSCenter Representative: Dr. Tuan Nghia Nguyen, CEO

Register Free:


The Global LabVIEW Architect (GLA) Summit is an extension of the annual Certified LabVIEW Architect Summits in the United States and Europe. These summits have historically provided opportunities exclusive to CLAs, bringing together some of the world’s best LabVIEW programmers over a conference agenda packed full of advanced presentation topics on LabVIEW and best engineering practices. The GLA will join the CLA and European-CLA together as well as open up general event participation to all other advanced users from around the world so they can share in some of the same benefits.

In GLA 2021, ANSCENTER will demonstrate how to design deep learning object detection models and deploy them in LabVIEW applications to achieve complex computer vision tasks such as defect detection, product counting, and object tracking.

About ANSCenter

ANSCENTER is a team of experts in AI, industrial automation, and software development. We provide industrial-grade machine learning and deep learning products for embedded edge devices and IoT systems. Customers can develop custom AI models, especially around computer vision and smart video management, with no coding required. ANSCENTER helps make AI more easily accessible, affordable, and scalable, empowering better data-driven decisions for manufacturing, surveillance, engineering, and education businesses. For more information on ANSCenter, please visit:


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