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NVIDIA GTC 2021: Intelligent AI Video System for Traffic Control in the Smart City

Dates: 2021/04/06-08

Location: Online

Topic: Intelligent AI Video System for Traffic Control in the Smart City (Session ID:A31649)

ANSCenter Representative: Dr. Tuan Nghia Nguyen, CEO


NVIDIA GTC is a global online AI conference for developers, researchers, thought leaders, and technology decision-makers who gather to learn how to shape our world with the power of AI, computer graphics, data science, and more.

With population growth rising in urban areas, many cities turn to AI to solve critical traffic issues like congestion and accidents. AI-enabled video analytics are essential to solving traffic problems. Furthermore, the actual Smart Traffic Control project requires a customized solution, high inference speed, and scalability and shall re-use the cameras of the current surveillance system.

Consequently, Edge devices become the optimal choice to set up infrastructure for an Intelligent AI Video System for Traffic Control in the Smart City. However, deploying and managing AI models into Edge devices requires much expertise and experience that restrain the popularity of using Edge devices to establish an intelligent video analytics system.

Learn how ANSCENTER and Advantech utilize NVIDIA Edge Computing technologies to help cities improve traffic management and pedestrian safety with an end-to-end solution for Intelligent Video systems.

About ANSCenter

ANSCENTER is a team of experts in AI, industrial automation, and software development. We provide industrial-grade machine learning and deep learning products for embedded edge devices and IoT systems. Customers can develop custom AI models, especially around computer vision and smart video management, with no coding required. ANSCENTER helps make AI more easily accessible, affordable, and scalable, empowering better data-driven decisions for manufacturing, surveillance, engineering, and education businesses. For more information on ANSCenter, please visit:


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